Gianna Pollarolo

  • Born in 1972 in Lima, Peru
  • Graduated in painting at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru
  • From 1993 to 1995 : director of the Signos Gallery in Lima.
  • Finalist in the 10th National Competition of Young Artists and participant in the VIII International Biennial of Engraving and Drawing
  • Works for the Forum Gallery (Peru) in the O-Art Project.
  • Lives and works in Lima, Peru

With a philosophical approach, Gianna Pollarolo’s work views both the macro and micro worlds by showcasing the energy that exists within dimensions that have been proven to exist and those that man believes to exist. Painted canvases, punctuated with galactical orbs, geometric patterns and three-dimensional elements, tell of the boundaries continuously broadened by scientific exploration.

A vigorous palette of blacks, blues and greys pulls the observer into a seemingly limitless space that could belong to our own self just as well as an otherworldly atmosphere. Each form seems to bring different experiences and perspectives, enforcing the sense of mutability on the transient nature of the universe and everything that exists within it. Even if the constant motion and expansion of the cosmos are imperceptible, an unavoidable effect is sensed in the inherent state of our lives.

Motivated by the rapid growth of scientific and technological innovattion, Pollarolo and her work enter a deep, and often conscientious, philosophical dimension. In this revealing space, spherical shapes repeat, intertwine, and connect, forming a molecular community and place of unity; one that acknowledges our place and relationship with the vast universe and that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

Though the mediums used by the artist speak in differing dialects, her work is connected through the eternal search: the search within ourselves, and that which extends beyond our capacity to imagine – and perhaps even accept – as real

“From new knowledge generated by de consciousness and energy, came the evolution of thought, changing he human paradigms.”
Gianna Pollarolo

Public collections : 

  • Museo de San Marcos, Lima
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museums, Taiwan

Private collections:

  • Manuel Santa Cruz Lopez collection 
  • Hochschild collections 

Personal Exhibitions :

2018 : “Love Community”, Galería Forum, Lima, Pérou

2013 : Zoom, Galeria CEDE, Lima, Pérou

2011 :  Al dios que le competa, Galería Cecilia González, Lima, Pérou

2003 :
Ideas Flotantes, Galería Forum , Lima – Perú

2002 : Bioludica, Galería 39, Caracas – Venezuela.
Ideas Flotantes, Galería Sala de Espera, Bogotá – Colombia.

2000 : S/T, Galería Forum, Lima, Pérou

1999 : 3/4, Galería Obsidiana, Lima, Pérou

1998 : Mis Rulos, Mis Nubes, Galería Forum, Lima, Pérou

Group Exhibitions :

2022 : Pinta Parc Lima, Perou Volta, Basel Suisse

2021 : Art Lima online LiMza, Pérou

2020 : Kuns Festival Berlin, Allemagne

2019 : The Others Art fair Turin, Italie

2018 : PArC, Lima Perou
Scope, Basel
Confluencia Histórica. Visualidad Contemporánea en San Isidro, Casa de la Cultura de San Isidro, Lima, Perou

2017 :  Swab, Barcelone España,
CarreLatin, Paris, France Odeon, Bogota, Colombie Scope, Miami, Etats-Unis

2016 : Open Studios Barranco Lima,  Perou

2015-2017 :  ArtLima, Perou

2014-2015 : PArC,Cecilia González, Lima, Perou

De 2008 à 2000 :  FIA Feria Iberoamericana de Arte, Venezuela.

2006 : FIAK Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Korea

De 2005 à 2002 :  ART MIAMI Galería Forum, EEUU.

2004 : ARCO Feria de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid, Espagne.

2003 : Memoria Fragmentada y su Marginalidad. Art Studio INSIGHT, Aruba.

2002 : Pequeño formato. Galería Sala de Espera, Bogotá. Colombe.

2000 : La Fiesta. Galería Cecilia González, Lima – Perou.

1999 : Divertimento. Galería Trapecio, Lima – Perou.

1998 : Objeto Vertical. Galería Cecilia González, Lima, Perou.

1997 : 8e BIENAL INTERNACIONAL, Print and Drawing. Taipei Fine Arts Museums, Taiwán.

1996 : V Concurso Coca-Cola de Pintura. (Finalista). Lima, Perou

1995 :  X Concurso Nacional de Artistas Jóvenes (Finalista). Southern Perú & ICPNA. Lima, Perou

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