Abstract Affinities

Group exhibition from 11 July to 16 August 2015

The group exhibition AFFINITES ABSTRAITES presents artists of international and museum importance, as well as young artists in the making. All are part of the non-figurative art movement, with a strong representation of geometric abstraction, concrete art and constructed art. A rigorous art that responds more than any other to the laws of balance, science and harmony, in an evolving and always dynamic formal simplicity.

Abstract art, born in the heart of the avant-garde at the beginning of the last century, does not represent a school, but a way of artistic expression not subject to the sole restitution of appearances. This path, far from being closed, is still followed, and will continue to be so, by some of the younger generations of creators.

Geometric abstract art, with its organisation of surfaces, volumes, lines and curves, is free of all evocation and anecdote and combines regulated form with economy of means and simplicity of structure.

In its purity, non-figurative art offers much more than a reflection on form and composition: it is also a question of spirituality. Because the form, however elementary it may be – line, circle, square, triangle – expresses with accuracy all the facets that constitute the human being…