Affinités Abstraites Winter 2015

Pure plastic vision must build a new society, just as in art it has built a new plastic. It will be a society based on the equivalent duality of the material and the spiritual, a society of balanced relationships.”
Piet Mondrian, from “Natuurlijke en abstracte realiteit”.
(Natural reality and abstract reality) 1919-1920

This last group exhibition of 2015 is an opportunity to introduce you to three new artists: Gaël Bourmaud, Antoine Gaussin and Hans Jörg Glattfelder.
The new exhibition highlights the visible and invisible links that unite several generations of artists who express themselves through non-figurative art, referring to science, mathematics, philosophy…
A series of small format works, as well as works on paper, original or published in small numbered series, artists’ books or print boxes are also on display.