Dilworth at the Touquet !

The Wagner Gallery is pleased to exhibit a monumental work by the artist Norman DILWORTH in the centre of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage.

Clump is a sculpture in corten steel symbolizing :
– nature
– power
– research
– growth
– rigour…

It is a composition of cubes forming a kind of stylised tree. The work is 240 cm high with a span of approximately 150 x 170 cm. It rests on a cubic base of 45 cm. It weighs approximately 350 kg.
Norman Dilworth writes about this work: “My working method is one of play and experimentation. I assemble elements in a sequential order, or elements that already have a sequential relationship. I try every possible combination. Using primitive means and simple systems, I create structures that express growth in a natural developmental principle. I let each piece evolve according to its nature in a system that I have pre-established. I do not intervene arbitrarily. A work, as Kenneth Martin said, “contains its own history”; it is the result of a series of events in a given time. The root of the work “Clump” is a geometric element with 5 sides, 3 of which are identical squares. I combined 4 of these elements with 8 cubes. The force that emanates from this work is the force of its own nature.