From November 24th to January 14th

Philanthropic exhibition-sale in favor of the Art and Pedagogy Endowment Fund, in support of the Frank Popper Contemporary Art Center

34 donor artists

Fabrice AINAUT – Xavier ANDREU CORTES – Ode BERTRAND – Charles Bezie – Mei-Tsen Chen Sophie Coroller – Carlos Cruz-Diez – Gerhard Frömel – Ueli Gantner – Jean-Michel Gasquet – Wilmer Herrison – Ingrid Hornef – Gerhard Hotter – Gerd Jansen – Nathalie Junod Ponsard – Bernard Lassus – Jean-Pierre Le Bars – Julio Le Parc – Alain-Jacques Levrier Mussat – Olga Luna – Guy de Lussigny – Carlos Medina – Hans Jörg Mettler –  Julio Pacheco Rivas – Olivier Petiteau – Carole Picavet – Juvenal Ravelo – Torsten Ridell – Hanna Roeckle – Santiago Torres – Satoru Sato –  Marie-Thérèse Vacossin – Helen Vergouwen – Jean-Pierre Viot

INAUGURATION Thursday November 24th in the presence of the artists

On this occasion, a silkscreen print by Charles Bézie has been specially edited

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• Purchase of the exhibition catalogue: €15
• Purchase of Charles Bézie’s screen print: €250 

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