“Générations intuitives” at Maison Poincaré

When artists are inspired by mathematics…

From April 25 to July 27, 2024

After the exhibition “Meeting of infinities” at the library of the Henri Poincaré Institute in 2022, the Wagner Gallery is offering a collective exhibition of artists whose approach makes call to mathematical sciences. Specializing in geometric abstraction — concrete art, constructed art and kinetic art — the Wagner Gallery presents artists of international and museum stature, as well as young artists whose research is similar to that of mathematicians . Square root of 2, golden ratio, Fibonacci sequence, Langford sequences, tetrahedron, torus ring, algorithms… Consciously or unconsciously, these artists use these concepts to give us a view of the beauty of the world through prism of their experiments. Heirs of cubism, constructivism, suprematism, Op’Art (or optical art), or even fractal art, these artists make mathematics and geometric shapes tools or subjects in the service of art. Thus, under the authority of more or less scholarly calculations, colors, materials, shapes become drawings, paintings, sculptures, objects, even lighting ambiance, and transform our environment. Artists thus give us a vision of the world complementary to that of scientists. As its title indicates, this exhibition brings together artists of different origins and generations, who intuitively offer us a panel of contemporary works that are as poetic as they are rigorous. , as seductive as they are interrogative! Exhibition organized in partnership with the Wagner Gallery

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Maison Poincaré
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris
Atrium I Espace CONNECTER et l’espace Laurent Schwartz

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Artistes Exposés
Charles Bézie
Mathieu Bonardet
Miguel Chevalier
Sophie Coroller
Ueli Gantner
Gerhard Hotter
Nathalie Junod Ponsard
Ulysse Lacoste
Alain Longuet
Jaildo Marinho
Carole Picavet
Hanna Roeckle
Satoru Sato
Diet Sayler
Mehdi Sioud
Roger Vilder