Until 29 October!

In geometry, an intersection is the point where two lines cross, the line where two surfaces meet…
In the works of Hélène Vans, Seize Happywallmaker, Gilbert1 and Sébastien Preschoux, intersections are numerous and even form an integral part of their respective approaches.
On the occasion of this exhibition, these four artists freely invest the gallery, creating works in situ, through which they express their approach to space, elements, their interweaving, their relativity.
In her “pliages”, for example, Hélène Vans creates a dialogue between the place and the work by dealing with the question of space, volume and induced form.
An atypical figure in street art, Sixteen Happywallmaker questions the perfect geometry of triangles that he connects to hypnotic circles in coloured networks.Trained at the street school, Gilbert1 is strongly attached to the experience of his finds, from which he extracts the essence, diverts the meaning and gives them new life through fragile assemblages or monumental frescoes.

Finally, Sébastien Preschoux patiently weaves hundreds of grooves, covering the lines of the punches left by the compass, delivering to our gaze intersections with intensely vibratory effects…