Jeux Optiques !

In parallel with the Olympic Games and the “Intuitive Generations” exhibition presented by the Wagner Gallery at Maison Poincaré, come and take part in the artistic Olympics! Florence Wagner has selected 28 artists whose works play with our visual perception: Games of shapes, games of light, play of colors, distortion, displacement, deformation, false equivalences… the works presented are equally technical and playful, scientific and poetic!

Please note: the works are spread over two sites, in Paris and Le Touquet. The exhibition is visible from June 6 in Paris, and during the months of July and August at Le Touquet (contact us for dates and times).

Inauguration of the Parisian exhibition
THURSDAY JUNE 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Artistes présentés :

Mathieu Bonardet
Francesc Bordas
John Carter
Ivan Contreras-Brunet
Sophie Coroller
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Clara Daguin
Danny Esquenazi
Gerhard Frömel
Ueli Gantner
Gerhard Hotter 
Nathalie Junod Ponsard
Anneke Klein Kranenbarg
Claudia Lavegas
Alain-Jacques Levrier Mussat
Alain Longuet
Carole Picavet
Hanna Roeckle
Diet Sayler
Mehdi Sioud
Jesús Rafael Soto
Gaby Terhuven
Michel Tombroff
Wilmer Useche
Victor Vasarely
Roger Vilder
Irene Zundel