Carl Krasberg

  • 1946 born in Wattenscheid
  • 1956 – 1966: Urban Mathematical High School Wattenscheid
    1966 – 1971 Studied at the University of Fine Arts in Kassel (HfbK Kassel)
  • 1972 – 1976: Research assistant at the University (TH) Karlsruhe, Department of Architecture
  • 1977 – 2011: Professor of Design at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf, Department of Architecture (PBSA)

Form and colour

“It should be pointed out that in our perceptible environment, forms always carry colour and colour is always limited by form. Form and colour form a unity. The shapes are elementary: squares and rectangles. They each form the basic grid for the composition of the image, in which the colours are used. The colours are arranged in levels that result from the colour system: from colour to colour (e.g. yellow to orange to red) or from colour to non-colour (e.g. yellow to white or grey or black). The colour lines are inserted into the basic grid in such a way that there is always a free grid unit between the different colour levels. The resulting spaces are filled with rows of the same or different colours – usually offset, staggered or rotated.”

Carl Krasberg

Personal Exhibitions : 

2022 : Art Karlsruhe, Boesso Art Gallery, Bolzano, One artist show

2019 : Carl Krasberg, Nicholson Art Gallery, Bruxelle

2017 : Polycrhome, Cabinet K, Hanovre
Structure, espace et mouvement, Galerie d’art et de communication, Bochum
Couleur, structure, espace et mouvement, Flottmann-Hallen, Herne

2011 : Couleur², Martini|50 et Galerie Vordemberge-Gildewart, Osnabruck

1991 : Structures de couleur, Vibrations de couleur, Sparkasse, Bochum

1985 : Cinq quanta de même couleur, Galerie Grossmann et Kasper,  Bochum

1983 : Photos et dessins, Studio Dato, Dusseldorf,

1978 : Images programmées, Studio Dawo, Dusseldorf,

1968 : Oeuvres plastiques, reliefs et dessins, Académie des Beaux-Arts de Cassel 

1966 : Photos et dessins, Institut sociologique, Université de la Ruhr, Bochum

Group Exhibitions :

2022 : La couleur en mouvement, Galerie Wagner, Paris 
Paris Modern Art Fair octobre 2022 Boesso Art Gallery et Galerie Wagner, Paris

2022 /2021 : Expo 7, Galerie ZEIT-ART, Anvers
Art Bruxelles Galerie ZEIT-ART, Anvers

2013 : Energie de couleur, Château de Koenigsbrück, Belle 

1996 : art Francfort, Galerie Valente, Finale Ligure

1984 : Artiste de Bochum, Musée de Bochum

1981 : Collection Dawo, Studio Dawo, Düsseldorf

1979 : Artiste de Bochum, Musée de Bochum

1977 : Artiste de Bochum, Musée de Bochum
“Hommage à Cassel”, Kunsthochschule, Kassel

1974 : Artiste de Karlsruhe, Badischer, Bausparkasse, Karlsruhe

1973 : Artiste de Karlsruhe, Badischer, Bausparkasse, Karlsruhe
“Jeune Art de Bade”, Badenia, Bausparkasse, Karlsruhe

1972 : IKl Düsseldorf, Galerie UBU, Karlsruhe

1967 : Jeunes artistes à Kassel, Friedericianum, Cassel 

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