Mehdi Sioud

  • Born In Tunis in 1965 
  • Self-taught
  • 2004:  mirrors becomes the principal medium for his creations
  • 2018 : First exhibit in a gallery in Pairs 
  • Salon des Réalités Nouvelles 2022 & 2023
  • 2024 : Exhibition project in Châteaux Pays Cathare
  • After Tunis, Paris and London, Lives and works in Pyrénées-Orientales, France

Self-taught, Mehdi Sioud likes to think outside the box. Although he initially practiced painting under glass, it was thanks to the discovery of an original technique that the mirror became his preferred medium, offering him the singular mode of expression he was looking for to develop the themes around which his work revolves.

In his work, his sources of inspiration echo his interests: Magritte and the questioning of identity, Vasarely and quantum physics
or calligraphy and the quest for the sacred.

At the frontier between art and design, like luminous screens on which the spectator’s reflected image merges with shadows obtained by abstracting matter, his works reveal an unprecedented kinetic energy. The delicacy of the lines reinforces the power of attraction these creations exert on the viewer. And if we begin by following the shape of the lines, we are ultimately invited to look through them, to journey into another world.


La quadrature du cercle 
Detamined mirror, seen from deux different angles
50 x 50 cm

Edan Ogboni, 2019
Detamined mirror
(2x) 30 x 30cm

Untitled for Real Space 
Detamined mirror
(3x) 18 x 24 cm

Portal 1, 2021
Detamined mirror
50 x50 cm

Passage Face A, 2020
Detamined mirror
50 x 50 cm


2024 : Real Space –  Abstract Project, Paris (07/03 – 16/03)
            Est/Ouest – K28 Galeria, Budapest (18/04 – 13/05)
            Générations Intuitives – Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris (25/04 – 23/07)
            Balade en terre d’artistes – Les anciens thermes, Saint-Paul de Fenouillet (66) (04/05 – 05/05)
            Vertiges du miroir – Installation au Château de Puilaurens, Puilaurens (11) (01/06 – 02/06)
            Bis Repetita Placent – Abstract Project, Paris (12/06 – 22/06)
            Chapitre Expo – Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet (66) (15/07 – 15/08)
           JO, Jeux optiques – Galerie Wagner, Le Touquet (14/07 – 15/08)

2023 : ABSTRACT PROJECT, Paris La Voie des Arts, Puilaurens
            Chapitre Expo, Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet
            Salon des Réalités  Nouvelles, Paris

2022 : Monastir del camp, Passa, France
          Salon des Réalités  Nouvelles, Paris, France

2020 :  Galerie LLIGAT Perpignan, France

2019 : Galerie ESSENTIEL, Perpignan, France
            Espace LIMITROPHE, Perpignan

2018 : Concept Store Gallery Gallery, La Baule
             L’ŒIL OUVERT, Paris, France
             Concept Store Gallery, Paris, France

2011 : ÉCLAT DE VERRE, Paris

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