Meeting with Maria Bonnafous-Boucher


Scientific fiction

Cables recounts the tribulations of an engineer, captain of a cable ship forced to urgently repair the break in an underwater optical fiber forcing several countries to no longer be supplied by the internet, this in the context of a health confinement, even war.

This text entitled Cables is a scientific fiction. It is deliberately short as certain philosophical tales could be, descriptions of a chaotic world written in an ironic and joyful tone. In fact, this story maintains a distance from dystopian novels. He offers an optimistic vision because he captures on the spot what can be creative in chaos. It does not participate in science fiction because it does not anticipate a future world. He only produces fiction from conjunctions: scientific developments, their attempts, their results and certain contemporary events whose impacts are powerful. Also, Cables has the ambition to be part of a literary vein that can be that of scientific fiction.

Maria Bonnafous-Boucher invites you to a reading meeting on Saturday March 9 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Size: 14 x 21 cm
80 pages
HD Editions

For this book, and serving as a cover illustration, an original work was created by Vladimir Skoda.
“Constellations” was published in screen printing by Orbis Pictus Club, on Arche 88 paper (300 gr) in 14×30 cm format in 25 numbered and signed copies + 10 Artist Proofs.

Maria Bonnafous-Boucher
L’auteur : Maria Bonnafous-Boucher est auteur d’ouvrages et de publications en sciences humaines et sociales. Elle est spécialiste de la gouvernance de l’innovation, de la théorie des parties prenantes et de l’histoire des idées.