Ode BERTRAND – Adage

Exhibition of selected works by Ode BERTRAND

17 October ➜ 29 November 2015
“Bringing chaos into order”. This is the challenge pursued by Ode Bertrand through her creation. Pupil, assistant and confidant of the great Aurelie Nemours for 35 years, her work as a painter also falls under the heading of concrete art, but on different premises: Where Nemours explored the plane and colour, Bertrand focuses on the line, which she uses both as a sign and a structure to subvert geometric figures defined around the golden ratio, grid, labyrinth, triangle… Her works, which at first glance seem uncluttered and ordered, reveal to the attentive observer an unsuspected abundance, and seem to vibrate with an intrinsic life. “

Extract from “Ode Bertrand – Trait et lumière” (Bertrand’s line and light)
monograph by Bertrand and Serge Lemoine (March 2008)

The exhibition presents more than fifty works by the artist.