Private : Hélène VANS / Visible spaces

Spaces said to be visible

Solo exhibition dedicated to the sculptor Hélène VANS.

Hélène VANS, born in 1954, is a French sculptor known for her works made in situ. In fact, she proposes a singular and unexpected setting of geometric forms, thwarting the axiality and convention of the point of view. The exploration of movement is an integral part of her work.
The site is primary in her approach determined by what she calls “the lines of place”. The work of abstraction is contextual, with works characterised by their constant oscillation between surface and volume, matter and vibration. The works are often presented in profile and play with light through the use of reflective surfaces. In this exploration, perception is treated as a medium in its own right. Since 2007, she has been developing sculptures with multiple positions and uses the flat mirror polish as an anti-socle to the sculpture. For the past ten years she has been presenting mirror lines on the floor, wall sequences and photographic views of her installations. The exhibition at the Galerie Wagner should be read as a succession of clues to her approach as a sculptor in the public space, with access to commissions and monumental installations having had a decisive function in the development of her work. From now on, the studio becomes a place for small-scale experimentation with large-scale sculptures or installations.

From 1 to 17 October 2020