Hanna Roeckle

  • Born in 1950 in Vaduz, Germany
  • 1970-1975: Zurich University of Arts
  • 1975-1994: Teaching position / Art education, Zurich 
  • 1993: Studied engraving at the Kunstlerwerk, Berlin / Learning printing techniques
  • 1996: Studio in Berlin
  • 2007: Scholarship of the Kultustiftung Landis & Gyr
  • Lives and works in Zurich

Dichroic Configuartions

Hanna Roeckle’s works take a both figurative and literal stand between painting and sculpture. Instead, the work is based on spatial structures and serial systems whose constructive clarity enters into a polyphonic dialogue with the sensual flow of the artist’s color combinations.

Art and research are inseparable in this oeuvre,which incorporates a wide range of findings drawn from geometry and physics, systems theory, history,design, and architecture. (bz)

Hanna Roeckle’s oeuvre occupies a distinctive and unconventionalposition in this dynamic space. Armed with the rigour of astringent concept, Roeckle has proceeded from formal working hypothesescoming from a minimalist background and created a bodyof work in recent decades that is finely balanced between theseart history constants and variables generated by current realities.Roeckle has created a typology of work series that refer to eachother, develop following their own logic, and thus conform to the desire of minimalism for non-referentiality. Other minimalist tenets arealso followed: the paints used are from the industry. The materials are regular commercially available mediumdensity fibreboard (MDF) or fibreglass (GFRP) and the creation of works is mostly delegated to external companies. (cd)

With their lacquered, mirror-like fibreglass composite surfaces, the sculptures put on a sumptuous display in shining blue, purple, pink, copper, light green and golden hues that change with the light reaching them. At the same time, the sculptures also pick up colours from their surroundings. The effects produced by these shimmering colours are ultimately realized in the eye of the beholder.

The mystery of perpetual change unfolds as individual bands of colour generate a varied and playful mix of light and shadow. Reflections from the gallery environment add to this, as do the points of light that seem to shatter the sculptures. This phenomenon causes the sculptures to transcend their own materiality. But with their clearly defined form, then again, they also refer to themselves. (dvb) This effect is created by using dichroic lacquer in hues especially developed and mixed for Hanna Roeckle’s works according to her specifications. (db)

ln their aesthetic perfection, they appear hermetic at first sight, but their mysterious and unfathomable depths quickly reveal themselves to those who engage with them. ln her works, Hanna Roeckle transforms the thoughts that assail her and the perturbing questions she has for herself and the world into clearly structured forms. (aak)

* excerpts from the publication HANNA ROECKLE – CONFIGURATIONS IN FLOW, 2017-2021

Crystalline Needle, 2019
Laquer on MDF
42 x 15 x 7 cm x 2
Unique Piece

Crystalline Needle S, 2022
Laquer on MDF
42 x 15 x 7 cm x 2
Unique Piece

Popstar, 2023
Laquer on SWISSCDF
41 x 11 x 10 cm x 2
Unique Piece

Mira, 2023
Laquer on  SWISSCDF
60 x 60 x 12cm 
Unique Piece

Algol II, 2023
Laquer on SWISSCDF
60 x 60 x 12 cm
Unique Piece

Pentagramm Rosette Mutation, 2021
Laque sur SWISSCDF
100 x 100 x 25 cm
Unique Piece

Algol II, 2018
Laquer on SWISSCDF
60 x 60 x 12 cm
Unique Piece

Scruit Red Gold & Green, 2022
Laquer on SWISSCDF
150 x 85 x 100 cm
Unique Piece

Scruit Lilac, 2023
Laquer on SWISSCDF
185 x 85 x 100 cm
Unique Piece

Polyeder Red , 2023
Laquer on GRP
125 x 99 x 99 cm
Unique Piece

Crystalline Needle, 2021
Laquer on SWISSCDF
140 x 23,8 x 13,7 cm
Unique Piece

Public and personal collections

  • Collection d’art Banque nationale suisse 
  • Zurich Collection d’art de la Mobilière, Berne
  • ICC, Cour pénale internationale, La Haye
  • Collection d’art Roche, Bâle
  • Collection du Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein
  • Liner Foundation, Appenzell
  • Hewlett Packard Collection Suisse
  • Suisse Collection d’art Nationale Suisse
  • Art Collection Kantonalbank Zurich
  • Collection d’art Credit Suisse Zurich Art Collection First Advisory Vaduz
  • Collection of the Canton, Zurich
  • State Art Collection, Liechtenstein 
  • Collection du canton de Saint-Gall Fondation
  • Karl Mayer, Triesen Liechtenstein Cultural Foundation, Vaduz
  • Liechtenstein Ambassade à Berlin
  • Collection Clariden
  • Leu, Zurich
  • Collection Sal Oppenheim, Zurich
  • Collection du canton de Thurgovie Fondation d’art
  • Hilti, Schaan 
  • Collection LLB AG, Vaduz 
  • Collection Kantonalbank, Zoug
  • Fondation Peter Kaiser, Vaduz 
  • Collection Siemens AG, Suisse
  • Fondation de la famille Dr. Marxer
  • Fondation de la collection mezzanine Vaduz
  • Fondation Schaan
  • Collection Veronika et Peter Monauni Collection, Vaduz
  • Collection Siemens Suisse, Zurich
  • Commune de Triesenberg
  • Commune de Vaduz
  • Collection Johannes Matt

Personal exhibitions :  (selection)

• 2023 : Galerie Fabian & Claude Walter, Zürich
• 2022 : Skulpturen im Park Galerie Fabian & Claude Walter, Zürich 2020 Galerie Bechter Kastowsky, Wien
• 2019 : BEGE Galerien, Ulm, D
• 2018 : Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
• 2017 : Galerie La Ligne, Zürich / Zurich
• 2014 : Haus für Kunst Uri, Altdorf
• 2012 : Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
• 2010 :  Galerie La Ligne, Zürich / Zurich
Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Kunstmuseum Appenzell
• 2009 :  Galerie Alte Schule, Berlin, D
• 2008 : Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz 2007 Galerie La Ligne, Zürich / Zurich 2005 Kunsthalle Weimar, D
Museum für Konkrete Kunst, Ingolstadt, D 2003 Kunstraum Engländerbau, Vaduz
Galerie Werner Bommer, Zürich / Zurich

Group Exhibitions :


• 2023  : Art Fair Tokyo, Galerie H-art Beat, Tokyo, J
artgenève, Palexpo, Edition multipleart, Genf / Geneva
Form – Farbe – Fläche, Kunstraum Engländerbau, Vaduz
Bege Galerien, Ulm, D
Fondation Villa Datris, F
• 2022-2023 : LIBERALITAS, Galerie Wagner, Paris
Collecting : Revisited «der welt viel tiefe welten» Kunstmuseum Appenzell, Appenzell bekanntes und neues … immer gutes, Galerie multipleart, Zürich
• 2022 : Art Salon Zürich, Galerie Fabian & Claude Walter, Zürich
GrafenArt, Art in Landscape, Engelberg
10 Jahre bechter kastowsky galerie, Galerie bechter kastowsky, Wien
Female: works by, Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
artgenève, multipleart, Palexpo, Genf / Geneva
• 2021 : Galerie La Ligne, Zürich / Zurich
Galerie Mariette Haas Ingolstadt, D
Centre d‘Art Contemporain Frank Popper, F
VOLTA BASEL, bechter kastowsky, Wien, A
ART BASEL UBS Lounge, Ghost of a Dream, Basel
Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Sammlung der VP Bank Kunststiftung, li
• 2020 : Galerie Bechter Kastowsky, Wien
Multitude – Singularités, Centre d‘Art Contemporain Frank Popper, F
artgenève, multipleart, Palexpo, Genf / Geneva
Galerie Fabian & Claude Walter, Zürich / Zurich
Galerie Mariette Haas Ingolstadt, D
• 2019 : Lichtenstein in Bern, altes Tramdepot Burgenziel, Bern / Bern
Multiple Art, remembering geneva, Zürich / Zurich
Galerie La Ligne, 1 x 100 %, Zürich / Zurich
• 2018 : Kunsthalle Ziegelhütte, Appenzell
artgenève, multipleart, Palexpo, Genf / Geneva
8. Skulpturen-Triennale Bad RagARTz, Bad Ragaz
• 2017 : Göttlich Golden Genial, Museum für Kommunikation, Frankfurt, D
Donation Renate Trettin, Centre d‘Art Contemporain Frank Popper, F
• 2016 : Göttlich Golden Genial, Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin, D
Minimum, Galerie Konkret, Sulzburg D
Artissima Turin, multipleart, I
Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
Kunstraum Otten, Hohenems, A
Kulturort Galerie Weiertal, Winterthur
• 2015 : Heimspiel, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen / St. Gall
Multiple Art, Zürich / Zurich
• 2014 : Enlightened, Galerie am Lindenplatz, Vaduz
(mit/with Keith Sonnier, François Morellet)

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