In parallel

Collective exhibition

In line with the artistic line of the Wagner Gallery, the exhibition “In Parallel” offers a questioning of the plan, the line, the repetitiveness, the similarity, the juxtaposition… It brings together works – paintings, sculptures, installations – from around twenty artists from different generations and origins. Each of them addresses the question of parallels by using mathematics, light, movement, the repetition of a shape or a gesture, the exploration of a formula.

This collective exhibition takes place “in parallel” with art week in Paris (from 18 to 22/10). Among the artists presented, most participate in parallel in various events and/or fairs such as the Réalités Nouvelles salon or Moderne Art Fair. Others will be part of an exhibition planned for spring 2024 at the Musée des Mathématiques which is already hosting works by Nathalie Junod Ponsard and Ulysse Lacoste.

Viewing room