For the 4th consecutive year, the Wagner Gallery presents a collective exhibition of Latin American artists, in parallel with the Latin America and Caribbean Weeks organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This exhibition aims to help you discover the diversity of creative approaches of these artists from this region of the world that is so inspiring to them. Whether kinetic, purely geometric, sometimes organic, these artists express their attachment to their origins as much as they explore a contemporary way of sharing their fascination for color, movement, architecture, mythology…

Artistes Exposés

Carmelo Arden Quin
Miguel Chevalier
Ivan Contreras-Brunet
Elias Crespin
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Danny Esquenazi
Horacio Garcia Rossi
Eli Jimenez Le Parc
Saùl Kaminer
Julio Le Parc
Claudia Lavegas
Olga Luna
Jaildo Marinho
Julio Pacheco Rivas
Pancho Quilici
Jesús Rafael Soto
Wilmer Useche
Irene Zundel