Vacossin at Art Paris

On Wednesday 4 April, Marie-Thérèse Vacossin will be signing her catalogue at the Grand Palais stand F17. 

Marie-Thérèse Vacossin was chosen by curator and art critic François Piron to take a subjective look at the French art scene by selecting 20 artists from among the projects submitted by the participating galleries and producing an in-depth analysis. This choice highlights singular figures from the 1960s to the present day who have stood independently, or even on the fringes of the dominant history, and whose work today deserves a re-reading and greater visibility.

Marie-Thérèse Vacossin – Galerie Wagner

“Marie-Thérèse Vacossin’s work is discreet until now, but it is faithful to principles of geometry, rhythm and colour perception that situate her work between the experiments of optical art and a more emotional and spiritual approach that owes much to her discovery of the paintings of Ad Reinhardt in the 1960s. Marie-Thérèse Vacossin has dedicated much of her time to an artistic community that she has gathered around the Atelier Fanal, a place she created in Basel in 1966 and in which she has produced countless editions for her contemporaries, from Aurélie Nemours to Vera Molnar, from François Morellet to Gottfried Honegger. What distinguishes her work from that of many other proponents of constructed art is her attention to light as an imponderable variable, through the use of layers of transparent Plexiglas, and through subtle chromatic variations organised in bands. Painting is dematerialized to become a screen of projection and reflection, while at the same time it loses its essence to become a perceptive tool close to the specific minimalist object.”

Text by François Piron – 20 years of Art Paris Art Fair “a look at the French scene

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