Couleurs Plurielles

The exhibition PLURAL COLOURS presents a selection of original or numbered works by 30 artists who question colour. How do colours make the composition legible, introduce movement, play with lines and shapes, link or oppose each other…? Are they at the service of the form or is it the other way round? What sensations do they provoke in us?

Artists exhibited :  Ode Bertrand – Gaël Bourmaud – John Carter – Miguel Chevalier – Geneviève ClaisseIvan Contreras-BrunetCarlos Cruz-Diez Jo Delahaut – Jean Dewasne – Arthur Dorval – Joaquín FerrerGilbert1Hans-Jörg Glattfelder – Gotfried Honegger – Gerhard HotterAlain-Jacques Levrier- Mussat – Danielle Lescot – Guy de Lussigny – Elissa Marchal – Julio Pacheco Rivas – Dario Perez Flores – Sébastien Preschoux – Jocelyne Santos – Satoru – Seize Happywallmaker – Hans Steinbrenner – Walter Strack – Marie-Thérèse Vacossin – Thomas Vinson – Rachel Wickremer.

“The whole action of painting lies in the relationship of colours to each other, in the relationship of forms to each other, and in the relationship between forms and colours.
Auguste Herbin

Exhibition from 29 July to 17 September 2017.